Inner Dialogues: Music for Viola and Clarinet

PALEFSKY, "a post-modern chamber ensemble", plays adapted duos by Bartok, Berio, Machaut, Lasso, Josquin, and Clarke.


Pemi Paull, viola

Maryse Legault, clarinet 

PALEFSKY is the brainchild of violist Pemi Paull and clarinetist Maryse Legault. Conceived as a post-modern chamber ensemble, the duo is concerned with the interplay between the particular sonic properties/possibilities of the viola and clarinet, both being rich, mellower middle registered instruments that often play an “inner” role in ensembles. Palefsky’s programs emphasize stylistic diversity and portability, drawing inspiration from the folkloric roots of each instrument, and the duo’s facility in a variety of stylistic contexts.

Inner Dialogues features a selection of short duos by Bela Bartok, and Luciano Berio, adapted from the composers’ respective Duos for two violins, interspersed with duo music by the Renaissance polyphonists Guillaume de Machaut, Orlando di Lasso, and Josquin des Prez, adapted by PALEFSKY. Rounding out the program is one of the few substantial works for viola and clarinet, the Prelude, Allegro, and Pastorale, by Rebecca Clarke, a great and unheralded composer and violist from the early 20th century.